Small Business IT Solutions from Hightrees Organisation Limited

As a Small Office or Home Office business (SOHO), any IT problems are an important issue for you.

Do any of these small business scenarios apply to your small business ?

  • You have an IT problem or you need IT support or advice, where do you go for help and how much time and money is lost in the meantime ?
  • You have been caught in a web hosting trap and your website has vanished along with your email accounts ? Lost control of your domain ?
  • Your small business is looking to expand online and start to use Social Media to keep in touch with your clients ?
  • You need to integrate & synchronise your new tablet and your PC and mobile when you are away from the office ?
  • Been told you “Need a Server” and you must network your PC’s but need more information on the best way of doing it ?
  • You need to add flexibility to your to IT working practises to cope with staff changes or business needs ?
  • Need to implement Cyber Security and Data Protection to your small business ?

 Hightrees Organisation can provide a variety of IT Support and IT services covering :

We can help you to work out your “IT Wants” vs “IT Needs” to get the best solution in place, in a cost effective manner.