Domain Name for your Business

Choosing a domain name for your website is very similar process to choosing a suitable name for your business, you need a domain name that “fits”with your business profile, that is easy to promote and that people can find easily.

Use our search tool to find a domain name (if you do not add a suffix/extension, i.e .com) a list of domains extensions will be listed.

Domain names have suffixes, such as .ORG or .INFO, at the end of actual domain name. These can have specific uses (though these days it seems that the old rules do not appear to be so rigidly stuck to), but try to ensure that you choose one that works well for your business. Some examples are

  • : Perfect for UK websites & email addresses.
  • :Used by not-for-profit organisations based in the UK
  • : Normally used for personal websites and email in the UK
  • .com : Perfect for all international websites & email.
  • .co : A new popular domain extension
  • .eu : A new domain suffix so you may find availability is often better. Great for anyone operating in Europe
  • .org : Often used by international, not-for-profit organisations.
  • .net: Often used as a worldwide domain name for multiple brands linked from one website or  technical, Internet infrastructure sites. Sometimes used in place of .COM
  • .info:  A popular alternative to .com domains as well as being used for informational sites
  • .biz : This domain is often used as an alternative to .com especially for businesses and commercial use
  • .name :International domain name for individuals.
  • .tv : Often used by television (either over the air or online) companies, tv shows/programmes and TV orientated brands.
  • .mobi: A domain suffix released specifically for the delivery of web content and services mainly on mobile devices.