Why Office 365 Mailbox Backup ?

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Why back up Office 365 mailboxes?

Even though Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service, regular backups provide an additional layer of protection from user errors and intentional malicious actions. You can recover deleted items from a backup even after the Office 365 retention period has expired. Also, you can keep a local copy of the Office 365 mailboxes if it is required by a regulatory compliance.

What do I need to back up the mailboxes?

To back up and recover Office 365 mailboxes, you must be assigned the global administrator role in Microsoft Office 365.

Install Agent for Office 365 on a Windows machine that is connected to the Internet. There must be only one Agent for Office 365 in an organization (customer group). The agent must be registered under the customer administrator account.

What items can be recovered?

The following items can be recovered from a mailbox backup:

  • Mailboxes
  • Email folders
  • Email messages
  • Calendar events
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Journal entries
  • Notes

You can use search to locate the items.
When a mailbox is recovered to an existing mailbox, the existing items with matching IDs are overwritten.
Recovery of mailbox items does not overwrite anything. The mailbox items are always recovered to the Recovered items folder of the target mailbox.


  • Archive mailboxes (In-Place Archive) cannot be backed up.
  • Recovery to a new mailbox is not possible. You must first create a new Office 365 user manually,  and then recover items to this user’s mailbox.
  • Recovery to a different Microsoft Office 365 organization or to an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server is not supported.

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