Outlook not responding – Lack of progress indicators

Outlook-progress-bar image

A late finish last night as a client had issues with her email not working.  All email accounts were configured correctly, however Outlook seemed to be “stuck” accessing her Hotmail account.

Any attempts to delete and recreate the Hotmail account resulted in a an “Outlook not responding” message which was really helpful.

Creating a new Email Profile resulted in the same type of errors.

The Outlook Hotmail connector was reinstalled – no joy

The Office repair utility was run, and the email profile deleted and recreated.  Two out of the three email accounts loaded fine, and synchronised quickly yet Hotmail still seemed to be “stuck” with the Send & Receive details just showing “Processing”.

Using Task Manager to try and monitor what was going on, should that there was sporadic network traffic and CPU activity for Outlook.exe and after almost 30 minutes mail started to appear – seems this was just down to a slow internet connection and poor visual feedback to show the user that something is actually happening.