Potential web hosting woes avoided

Received a phone call yesterday with regard to web hosting problems (via another supplier).  It appears that the client’s previous hosting company is no longer answering calls or emails or even taking money and the client feared that they would lose their website and email facilities. We’ve taken a copy of the existing site before it potentially disappears and are re-creating it so at least there is a base point to start from and will be taking some time later today to try and identify anyone else who may be not be aware of the potential loss of their website and email facilities.
We’d highly recommend that anybody with a website ensures that they keep a record of any domain names, web site login/ftp details and email account information so that if this should happen to them, there is a good chance of being able to backup your web data before it disappears.
A big thank you to Nominet for helping out yesterday, their advice and recommendations in trying to recover the domain were extremely helpful.