Why Backup your Data ?

How important is your computer data and what are the consequences of losing it?

For many reasons data loss can occur, for example; hardware failure, software failure, malicious attack, natural disasters. If your business data was lost, how would your business continue trading?

For home users, what happens if you lose those precious memories – wedding photos, important emails, home or course work ?


The solution is an online backup and restore facility fwhich will protect your data today and every day. We take pride in offering the very best business data backup solutions at the most affordable price.

Online data backup solutions are specifically designed for business use and will ensure mission critical data is always safe, secure and totally protected from any pending disaster which would result in data loss. Because our backup solutions are totally automated, you will notice an increase of manpower efficiency. No more backing up to tape, no more verifying the data has backed up and no more trusting a human to move the backup media offsite.

Companies and organizations who actually backup their data to tape do not realize the actual cost. Cost of hardware backup software and tape media aside, it is widely acknowledged a 10GB daily backup of your data will cost approximately £3,000 per year in manpower alone.

Online data backup has many major advantages over other backup methods:

* Total automation, you no longer have to pay staff to manage your backup process.
* Total security, your data is encrypted to the same levels used by national banks before it is transmitted. It will reside on our infrastructure in the encrypted same state. Only you will have access to your data.
* Your data can be efficiently restored with only two mouse clicks.
* Online backup solutions are completely scalable. Your backup account will grow as your business grows. No need to replace expensive hardware in the future.
* Versioning, you can store multiple file versions ensuring previous versions (rollback) will always be available.

An online backup solution is proven to be a safer, more secure and a more efficient backup process for businesses of all sizes.


For more information or to discuss your IT backup requirements, pleaes contact us.