Mid-range VoIP PBX Details

Our mid-range hosted VoIP PBX service, ideally for growing businesses

Up to 20 extensions

  • Have up to 20 handsets on your PBX, either hard (a physical VoIP Phone) or a softphone (software which runs on your PC). Voicemail is included for each extension.

4 x Ring Groups

  • The Ring Group feature allows you to have incoming calls to be redirected to different destinations.

A good example of this is directing sales calls (via a DID) to Sales Staff and General Calls to Reception Staff. If no one is available to take the call, a voicemail can be left at a specific mailbox, ie. sales@yourcompany.com

2 x IVR

  • An IVR (Interactive Voice Response menu) Is included in the PBX setup.

This can be configured to allow callers to reach their intended destination without intervention. A good example of this is when a call comes in, the caller is presented with a range of options, i.e Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Technical Support or 3 to speak to a member of staff.

3 x Queue

  • Using a call queue enables you to deal with callers with a method of your choosing, ring all phones, least used phone first, round robin etc.

2 x Conference Facility

  • Allows you to host conference calls, with PIN protection. Ideal for client meetings or in-house staff meetings where staff are based at different locations

From £10.00 per user