Why should my business consider using VoIP ?

Why should my business consider VoIP instead of traditional telephony solutions ?

One of the major benefits of VoIP is that it can adapted to suit your business requirements. 
You control the functionality you need, with no long leases or expensive hardware.


Save your company money

  • Call anywhere in the world for a fraction of the usual traditional cost.
  • Dial any other Hightrees VoIP PBX extensions for free.
  • Avoid buying, installing and maintaining a hardware PBX.
  • Stop using expensive telephone and ISDN lines.

Enhance your Company productivity

  • Improve and simplify the way your company communicates.
  • route calls to the most appropriate people within your business
  • Transfer callers to any member of staff, anywhere in the world.
  • Receive voicemail messages as email attachments.

Increase the flexibility of your business

  • Access your office phone line from any location, work in a way that Is best suited to you.
  • allow staff to work from home or on the move.
  • Make changes and configure the system using any web browser.
  • Host your own conference calls with staff in many locations with local numbers.

Improve your business customer service

  • Avoid missed opportunities due to engaged lines, increase your call capacity to suit.
  • Enable callers to reach the correct department
  • Publish local phone numbers for throughout the UK and worldwide.
  • Host your own conference calls with your clients

Continuity and Resilience

  • Moving office ? Take the number with you.
  • Have a phone system that allows you to have many calls on a single number.
  • Internet outage ? Out of the Office ? Divert your calls, or collect voicemails via email on your mobile device.

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