Open Source Solutions

The basic principle behind open source software is quite simple.

When developers and programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People can improve it, adapt it and fix bugs. This can happen at much quicker than the more conventional software development practise.

What can an Open Source do for me ?

OSS is mostly available free of charge, which enables individuals and businesses to set-up an entire IT system or use a specific application for a fraction of the cost normally associated with this type of venture.

Whether you are looking into install a full IT system for your business or just need “the right tool for the job”, the chances are that there is an Open Source Solution for you.

Okay, I’m almost sold – what can it do for me ?

A simple example – Office Productivity Software

You have a new laptop/desktop – all fresh and shiny with the latest Microsoft Office Package installed.  60 days later however you find out you need to purchase a licence as what you have been using was actually only a trial.

As you only need to use the “Office” programs once in a while, do you

a) handy over the money or

b) install a package such as Libre Office which gives you the same functionality, can read/write Microsoft Office Documents and not pay a penny ?

Backups and Device Synchronisation

Whilst we would always recommend a full backup solution for your data, using one of our cloud storage accounts, running on the open source ownCloud system may help to get you in the habit of backing up your important data as well as giving you the facility to access it from multiple devices, whether it is a PC, MAC, Windows, Linux, Android or Apple device.

This can be created as part of your webhosting or setup as a standalone cloud system.