VoIP Telephony Services

VoIP Services ImageWhat is VoIP ?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more simple terms, a phone service running over the Internet.

Providing you have a reasonable, stable internet connection, you should be able to use VoIP.

What are the drawbacks ?

The “downside” of VoIP telephone is that there is a reliance on the stable internet connection for making and receiving calls.  Being a real-time service, you will become aware of internet downtime with VoIP than you would with normal, irregularly web/email usage.

However, if your internet connection fails, all calls fail over to the voicemail system and any messages left are forwarded automatically to you via email or diverts can be put in place to call an alternative number such as a mobile.

What are the benefits of VoIP ?

One of the major benefits of VoIP is that it can be tweaked to your specification, allowing more functionality as your requirements grow or change without being tied to expensive hardware and long leases.

These features could include

  • Fax to Email, where you have a specific telephone number that will receive faxes, theseare automatically converted to an email and sent to your email address,
  • Out of Hours/Emergency Operation times where you the system can automatically play different recordings at different times,
  • Interactive Menu systems (similar to Theatre/Cinemas) where the caller can choose from a list of options,
  • Have one telephone number but be able to receive/make more than one call at a time,
  • Ring Groups – one central telephone number that calls multiple extensions,
  • Multiple geo-graphical telephone numbers for advertising a local presence which route back to a central office,
  • or any variation of the above and more.

By examining your current call usage, it is normally possible to arrange a call tariff which caters for most of your regularly calls, whether these are local or national (i.e numbers staring 01,02,03) , to mobiles or even international.  This helps you budget your monthly costs more accurately.

From a simple scenario such as wanting a “work” phone installed to your home without the hassle of getting a new line installed, to providing a centralised “PBX” for your office, VoIP is worth investigating as an alternative to traditional telephony.  It is a tried and tested technology and is use in a variety of homes and businesses.

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