BSOD when printing PDF files to HP DesignJet Plotter

One of our clients was having some problems with their networked HP Plotter following a recent power cut.

The initial problem was traced back to the USB Print server getting a different address on the network, causing the shared printer to fail.  This was quickly fixed by giving the printer a static address, but then another problem came to light, where if you printed a PDF, or any size, the PC would crash with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) relating to win32k.sys  The fault was not limited to one particular PC and happened consistently across laptops and desktop machines.

A quick spot of googling showed that this was happening to quite a few people, and that there was no hard and fast solution.

After trying about 8 different printer drivers (and the subsequent 8 BSOD’s, different PDF viewers and creation packages and  different graphic and network drivers we were a little stumped.

As a last resort, plugging the laptop direct into the printer worked flawlessly !  The client was happy with the workaround until we can get to the root cause of the problem.