Business Online Backup Service

Do you realize that your business data which resides on your computer and servers is one of your most valuable assets ?

Most small businesses have every intention of backing up their computer and server data every night. But are you actually one of those smart minded business owners who actually removes the backup from site ?

Without a 100% secure backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable. Imagine losing your data by means of theft, fire, flooding, virus, power cut or a technical malfunction. This would be a disaster! On such a moment a backup or offsite backup is of essential importance to your business – it may be the only thing to keep your business running !

Losing even a week of data can be devastating to any business and can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

If your business data were lost, how much time and money would you spend recovering it?


Hightrees are now able to offer a reasonably priced, managed and most importantly, secure, offsite backup system to help protect your business data.

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