Cyber Security & Awareness Training Course

Cyber Security & Awareness Training Course

Cyber Security & Awareness Training Course 150 150 Small Business IT Solutions

With many people working from home during the Covid-19 situation, it’s crucial to ensure you are IT security conscious and can spot potential cyber threats and attacks.

Even with top-of-the-range protection, cybercriminals will often find clever ways of getting through the cracks.

When they do, they’ll use social engineering techniques to try and manipulate you or your users into giving away sensitive information.

Source : Juniper Networks

Keeping up-to-date in the rapidly changing landscape of cyber threats is vital for anyone who using IT. And this applies whether you are a home user, a small business /organisation or large business.

Online training on Information Security (InfoSec) can be a daunting prospect; often with lots of technical jargon and often a hefty price tag.

Whilst there are plenty of free resources available on the Internet if InfoSec/Cyber Security isn’t a core function of your business, where do you find the time to train yourself?

Hightrees has partnered with uSecure to offer a fully managed cybersecurity awareness platform for organisations and businesses of any size.

The uSecure platform provides a complete solution to cyber security training and awareness, through four modules.

uLearn – a library of short eLearning courses covering a variety of subjects, from Beginner to Advanced. Training is broken down into small, bitesize modules, presented in a non technical, blog style.

Your training route is based on a simple initial GAP analysis questionnaire.

uPhish – a phishing simulation tool. You can use the templates included or design your own.

uBreach – be automatically notified when your users’ details are found on the dark web.

uPolicy – manage policy deployment and record acknowledgement in one place.

Also included is Risk Score, which shows you the human threat to your organisation. It includes both an individual score for each of your users, and a Risk Score for your organisation.

One of the most important points is the cost – less than a cup of coffee per user!

We’re planning on launching in February 2021 with lots of how-tos and useful information online, but if you would like to know more now, please get in touch