IT Case Study : Goff Associates

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Goff Associates are specialists in Hotel & Spa design, eminent in their field for over 20 years.

When they moved premises, they contacted Hightrees to see if VoIP would be a suitable option for their new office.  With 5 staff members, a degree of flexibility was required to enable the staff to work from home as well as in the office.

VoIP Telephony

Basic speedtests showed that the internet connection at their new office seemed suitable for running VoIP and based on their existing BT phone usage and features, we were able to offer a comparable VoIP PBX system which would pay for itself in savings within 2 years.  The existing office number was ported to the VoIP PBX meaning that there was no loss of service on the main contact number or costly reprinting of business cards and stationary.

5 new Aastra VoIP handsets were installed, along with a VoIP PBX and an hour training session on how to use the PBX interface to divert calls, how to use the handsets to transfer calls etc.
To save duplicating the amount of users needed, i.e one user for the office and one for working remotely, the simplest option was for staff to physically take their handsets home with them, and plug directly into their internet connection.

Remote Control

Remote Control software has been installed on the Office PC’s allowing internal staff and Hightrees to remotely access the PC’s to help with any IT issues that occur.


After one year, monthly PBX rental and call charges have been greatly reduced to the point that the cost of the handsets has already been recouped and the average monthly phone bill is 50% less than their previous telephone system provider.