Microsoft Prices changes in 2017

As you have probably seen in the press, the news of Microsoft’s announcement of cloud-based licencing price changes in 2017.  This has been linked to the reduced value of the pound against the dollar in recent months.

From 1st January 2017, prices for all Microsoft cloud services, including Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, etc., will increase by 22%. However, because many of these services are price-protected for the term of a 12-month subscription, this price-change will only be realised at renewal. For example, if you have previously added a new Office 365 subscription in September 2016, the price will remain the same until September 2017, after which the price for the subscription will then increase in line with current levels.

This increase will impact all suppliers of Microsoft cloud services in the UK, including Microsoft direct.

Hightrees is just finalising pricing for 2017 and we hope to keep the increase at LESS than the 22% due to the good relationship we have with our Microsoft Software Service providers.