News roundup for July

A quick roundup of what Hightrees has been up to during June and into July 2013

VoIP and Telephony Roundup

  • Ayrmer Software needed some modifications made to their in-house Asterisk server to allow remote access for when they are out of the office – a few quick modifications to the server set-up and installation of a free softphone (we used Zoiper) and they were up and running !
  • VoIP Billing – we did a quick review of one of our customer’s hosted VoIP PBX system and their call costs compared to the average monthly fee they were previously paying to a large telecommunications company – so far their call charges have been around 25% of what they were originally paying ! Average calls are working out at approx £15 per month as opposed to £64 !
  • Some new Aastra VoIP handset and DDI installations at Castledown Business Park for new tenants into their in-house VoIP Server
  • At Hightrees HQ we have been doing some experimentation with Virtual Machines and VoIP PBX Installations – so far, it all seems to be working !

Web Services Updates

  • The Tidworth and District Chamber of Commerce asked for an “empty” CMS system so that they could work on a new template and content for their website which was re-launched in July
  • A Google Analytics review of Wiltshire Concrete shows that their web traffic has increased 51% in the last year, along with increases in Page Views and Unique visitors.
  • Work is going on behind the scenes for the launch of a new online shopping website for an existing client – all hush hush at the moment !

IT Services and Support

  • Castledown Radio, who we volunteer our professional time for, had some issues with an old database which is used by the volunteers for live and off-air work.  A lengthly process was undertaken to identify the errors and a slightly more optimised version of the database was rolled out – the locking/timing issues are now greatly reduced.
  • Work is currently underway expanding and enhancing an existing site installation with extra VLAN’s and extra ADSL connections to provide greater scope for expansion along with increased resilience on internet connectivity.

Hightrees HQ Roundup

  • A RFQ (Request For Quote) has been submitted for a new project which is due to start August/September – fingers crossed ! We’d like to thank everyone who helped with equipment and service specification details.
  • Our VAT details finally got sorted – existing customers will have noticed that this month’s invoices are all setup to allow them to reclaim the VAT ! In case you need it, our VAT Registration is GB 164 7417 03
  • We currently working on an automatic signup for our VoIP services, giving you the flexibility to tailor your requirements, whether you need a small business VoIP system or a single soft phone “cheap calls” package – hopefully this will be on line shortly.