Why use Files Cloud ?

Turn mobile devices into a true business  platform
Respond faster to critical business events  and improve customer service
Retain customers, attract new customers,  grow revenues
Improve employee productivity and  collaboration
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a trusted  provider is protecting their data
Keep control over all shared files including  files in the public domain by setting file  expiration
View your file history at any time while  enjoying an enterprise-grade audit trail
Files Cloud has been designed to work on ANY device !
Files Cloud is great for business people on the move and  works on any device – be it desktop PC, smartphone or  tablet. There’s also a smart way to access shared files  from your mobile, with full support for Microsoft Office  mobile applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Editing on the go

For example, if you need to tweak an  important client presentation whilst commuting,  you can easily edit or leave additional comments for yourcolleagues without leaving the mobile app.

Securely share files without worry

Controlling where your files are, who they’ve  been shared with and how long they’ve been in the public  cloud can be a nightmare for anyone who manages data.  And if there’s no clear audit trail, it can take businesses  days or weeks to trace back through the document’s history. Acronis Files Cloud provides you with  a full view of their transaction history and an enterprise-  grade audit trail, so that users can easily find where the  document is, who it’s been shared with and how long  they’ve had access to it.

View, Download and Go !

Sharing files is easy over email. You can easily  give others access to a file or folder by creating a public  link. From the Acronis Portal, simply choose your recipient,  enable view or editing permissions and set an expiration date for the file. Once the recipient receives an email  with their invitation to view the file, they are directed to  the Acronis portal and can view or download it. Universal access without breaching company-wide security policies.

Super Secure Sync and Share

Store data in the UK Acronis Cloud and benefit from  secure FIPS 140-2 encryption, over-the-air and on-device.