System Stability and Standardisation


As part of the IT Support services that Hightrees supply to the Amber Foundation, we carried out an ‘ IT stablisation’ exercise on each computer in daily use to define a common standard.

By bringing each PC into a common setup, daily problems have been significantly reduced (less than one issue a fortnight) and has enabled suitable planning and expansion of the IT systems for the future. As every user now uses the same default software, IT Support is reducded and the number of individual PC problems has dropped to almost 0. At our clients request we have sourced and installed non-expensive PC’s and laptops as and when required, to replace equipment coming into the ‘end of life’ cycle.

Hightrees Organisation Limited has also taken over the web and email hosting of the Amber Foundation and is currently introducing simple yet effective tools to help with distribution of information within the company. By implementing a simple SPAM/mail filterwe have reduced the amount of ‘junk mail’ being delivered to each user’s mailbox, reducing the time taken to ‘house-keep’ emails as well as reducing virus threats.

The current default software installation consists of :

Windows XP Pro, Microsoft Office Professional :

This package includes, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint and Publisher.

Sophos Anti-Virus, Adobe Acrobat Reader