The joys of Broadband – Part 2

A follow on blog from The Joys of Broadband – Part 1

Wednesday 15th – The client was texted a few times, to say that no network faults could be found on the line – as is alwas the way with random faults and could the fault be closed (there was no phone call as promised within 48 hours over a week ago!)

But as “luck”, albeit bad, would have it there were more dropouts yesterday throughout the afternoon and evening – the router logs from last night are shown below






So a drop from just over 14Mb to 6Mb which was quickly followed by another dropout which appeared to last for some time.





So another “random” but seemingly consistant drop in line speed and what appear to be profile/line related (Google search based research).  We have been grasping at straws to try and find some common factors, we checked with the client and the dropouts don’t appear to be :

a) Time Related – no specific time of day when the line drops…..

b) Weather Related as the problem occurs when sunny,grey,wet,blowing a gale…….

c) Voice Call related – the client doesn’t have to be on a voice call to see the errors, sometimes it drops, sometimes it doesn’t……


Thursday 16th – An Engineer finally called the client this morning and ran some line tests which proved…..nothing, but interestingly enough the same errors occured BUT the line speed has gone back up.





An engineer from the ISP is due out tomorrow, so Mr Murphy and Mr Sod’s law will probably show no outages whilst they are on site……but hopefully these screen shots and additional information will help to show that even if the fault can’t not be replicated on an as and when basis, there is defiinately something broken ! It would be interesting to see the login/sync logs for the account over a period of time to plot the dropouts……

The saga continues…….