The New Normal ? We can help you with that

The New Normal ? We can help you with that

The New Normal ? We can help you with that 150 150 Small Business IT Solutions

One of the highlights of the recent lockdowns has been the ability of businesses, of all sizes, to cope.

Many small businesses have had to adapt and embrace new technology as they could no longer operate on a face to face basis. Something that wasn’t considered important previously.

Our new phone system allows you to adapt as your stafing and business needs change in these “new normal” times.

No nonsense, easy to use telephone solution that gives you the ultimate control and staying in contact with your clients.

How can VoIP help my business ?

Open and close the office at a moments notice but still be available for your clients.

  • Using our system, your phone line isn’t tied to your premises so you can answer your office calls from anywhere, easily.
  • Talk your office calls on your mobile or a simple web browser or take your handset home.
  • Voicemails are emailed to you so no need to “check the machine”.

Need to setup an information line for your clients ?

  • Simply record your message and it is played to anyone calling your busines, or create a specific information line number.
  • Change your message easily – record the audio on your laptop or direct via VoIP System.

Keep you customers and clients updated in a simple and easy way.

Dont pay for diverts !

If you or your staff need to work from home, there is no need to divert calls to personal mobiles or start the “telephone tag” game.

  • Our phone system can be used via a handset so each user can access their “extension” via a handset, our free mobile app or even a web browser or all three!

You can keep your mobile number private and your customers see calls from your normal business number.

Aren’t these VoIP systems very technical ?

Your VoIP telephone system setup is available to change just using a a web browser.

How you handle your calls is entirely under your control, via a simple flow chart style approach

A simple example of call routing – incoming calls rings User 1001 (which is actually a handset AND mobile app), if no answer it gets sent to voicemail.

Isn’t VoIP Expensive ?

How does 2 users and a local phone number for under a Β£10 per month sound ?

  • Go PAYG so you only pay for the calls you make
  • Or go “unlimited” on a per user basis to cover their calls toUK Landline & Uk Mobiles.
  • Or choose a call pack for your entire business.

Don’t forget that call bundles are only cost effective if you make a lot of calls, this applies to any form of phone deal.

Handy Hint : Once you start regularly hitting the price point between PAYG and “Bundle” you can change your tariff via Your Account.

Sounds good – what do I next ?

Simply head over to the Hightrees VoIP Portal and get started !