Reclaim your personal time + phone number !

Reclaim your personal time + phone number !

Reclaim your personal time + phone number ! 150 150 Small Business IT Solutions

Many small businesses start by giving their home or mobile numbers out to their customers. Keeping the costs down initially helps and new business so using a phone number you already have makes sense.

Your number is put on business cards, social media and websites – you need people to be able to contact you. 

Roll forward a few months……

  • The phone rings when you are on holiday
  • Calls come in outside your normal working hours
  • You already on a personal call and another one comes in
  • Taking a trip overseas – mobiles costs can be expensive

Can you afford NOT to answer your mobile, it may be a new client or a long-standing customer?

Do you give up your personal time to answer a call on the offchance ?

Reclaim control of your phone and your time

Control your phone, not the other way around

Our VoIP telephone system allows you to easily get a phone number for your business in 5 easy steps

  • Choose your a telephone number – keep it local or go national
  • How many users do you need (i.e who needs to be able to make/receive calls)
  • Choose a PAYG Tariff or get unlimited calls per month for each user.
  • Setup what happens when someone rings you & when you are available
  • Install the free VoIP app on your mobile or desktop

That’s it ! 

When someone calls your new telephone number, your app will ring – you know it is a business call and you can choose how to deal with it.

Clease check out all of our VoIP system features or contact us about our VoIP telephone system.

If your mind is already made up – head over to our VoIP Portal to get started.