The Role of Human Cyber Risk

The Role of Human Cyber Risk

The Role of Human Cyber Risk 150 150 Small Business IT Solutions
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How long would it take an attacker to breach your business?

This is how your data can potentionally expose your small business – its not rocket science, but sometimes covering the basics is often overlooked.

You or your users’ credentials are exposed on the Dark Web

Millions of stolen data records, including usernames and passwords, are added and sold on the Dark Web every year. 63% of businesses reported the loss of sensitive data in 2019.

Compromised credentials are used for phishing & social engineering

Users often re-use the same password for multiple accounts, making it easy for attackers to conduct business email compromise (BEC). 88% of companies faced targeted phishing attacks in 2020.

Human error is exploited and your business is breached

Criminals prey on unwitting users and human error, such as downloading malicious attachments, as a gateway to corporate data. 95% of successful data breaches come from human error.

Did you know you can calculate your human cyber risk and help boost your resilience ?

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