Social Media Organic Reach – like, comment or share – just don’t lurk !

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Spent a bit of time chatting with Ayrmer Software this week about the drop in Facebook Organic reach which has been documented in multiple SEO articles for the last couple of years. In case you didn’t know, Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.

It is understandable that Facebook want you to spend money on advertising, but having people interact with your social media postings is equally as important. Where possible we try and share our clients news and events as this helps them get to a larger audience in an organic way – we like to be helpful that way !

It is surprising how many people and companies just “like and lurk”, i.e never commenting or giving a “like/haha/wow/insert emoticon of choice”.

I think the analogy we came up with was that you wouldn’t go to a Business Network Event or even a party and just stand in the corner and say nothing to anyone. You would make an introduction, join a conversation or tell a joke which in turn would be passed on, i.e hello have you meet?/let me tell you something I heard the other day/heard this great joke the other day……at later events – oh, look, organic reach in action !

So next time you see a post from a page/person/group that you follow – take the time to give it a like or make a comment or share, it helps them and helping is nearly always a good thing !*

* Fake news/click bait/like farms not included!

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