Upgrades for Amber Foundation

Hightrees Organisation Limited have been on site in Trowbridge recent to to upgrade Amber staff with new Acer Revo PC’s and with the standard Amber software (Microsoft Office 2003, Outlook with Google Apps Sync, Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox).  As well as the Staff getting some “new toys”, the residents or “Amberteers” also got some new PC’s for helping them with the Amber programme.
The Amberteers network uses LTSP/K12Linux based server, allowing their Acer Revo PC’s to network boot to provide a Linux Desktop along with OpenOffice, Firefox and other open-source applications for basic use of the Internet and Document Creation. Restrictions are place for preventing inappropriate Internet use.
The exisiting networks have been split to help with internal security and restrictions are place for preventing inappropriate Internet use.

Remote Access and Control methods are in place to allow the site to be remotely monitored and controlled in the event of any problems with any of the software installations, minimising the need for onsite visits for minor issues.

One member of Staff was so impressed with the Open Source Software they promptly went and installed it on their home PC – the verdict “Successfully installed Fedora 14 at the weekend.  It’s great!