Castledown Radio – behind the scenes

Hightrees Organisation has been involved with Castledown Radio, a local community radio station since they first started in 2004.  We try and work on a volunteer basis wherever possible.

Recently we have donated time to helping with some “behind the scene”  work to help make life a little easier for the volunteers and listeners.

Castledown Radio’s internet radio feed was prevously limited to RealPlayer, however we have now enabled an MP3 stream making the station available to more internet users.

We’ve been making some changes to their website, by adding a new Events Calendar which will help both volunteer presenters update the website and listeners to find out what local events are on the the broadcast area.

We are currently testing a new server based systemto help centralise file and music storage to a Fedora based server which will allow more control over content as well as providing extra tools and utilities to the volunteers to assist with running of the Castledown Radio and its radio output.

The website is now enabled for Twitter allowing website updates and news to be followed by anyone with a Twitter account.  We shall be setting up a Facebook page in the very near future to help Castledown Radio reach an even larger audience.