VoIP improvements for Ayrmer Software

Hightrees Organisation Limited have recently helped Ayrmer Sotware with upgrading their VoIP system.

Orginally we worked with Ayrmer Software in 2007, trialling an in-house VoIP server using the open source software Asterisk to enable them to decide whether moving to VoIP would save money on the telephony costs.  The initial project went well and the trial system was enhanced with Digium cards to allow the VoIP system to handle both VoIP and traditional PSTN (landline) calls.

One of the main issues we that faced was that with Ayrmer Software being a busy bespoke software development house, their internet connection was often the weak point when it came to ensuring call quality on VoIP calls.

Ayrmer decided that with the cost savings they had made with VoIP meant that installing a specific ADSL connection for all VoIP traffic was justifible as well as giving extra resilience to the current office infrastructure.

Hightrees remotely configured  new Asterisk Servers in both the UK and their new office in Slovakia and upgraded their call handling mechanisms to allow seamless integration with their offices in the UK and Slovakia and by utilising a dedicated internet connection for VoIP traffic, call quality has improved drastically.

Some of the new features include :

  • Call transfers between the offices, enables their customers to talk to any of their members of staff, regardless of location at normal telephone rates.
  • Internal calls between the Ayrmer offices are free.
  • Call Queuing to minimise delays in answering incoming calls.
  • IVR System (Interactive Voice Response) allowing customers to contact members of staff directly by using a menu system and extension number.
  • Email notification of new voicemails, including attaching the voicemail message to the email allowing telephone messages to be picked up and listened to without being in the offices.

All of the upgrade work was carried out outside office hours to minimise the impact to both Ayrmer and their clients.

One of the advantages of VoIP, apart from the reduction in call charges, is the flexibility that is available to the end user, dependant on the specific requirements.  Hightrees were able to configure the Ayrmer VoIP system to take into account their remote offices and staff, inter-server call handling etc with very minor changes which is not something you can normally do in a traditional Office PBX system without incurring large costs.

You can read Ayrmer software comments on their Blog which is available here