VoIP Number Porting – The flexible option for small business

Number porting is the facility which enables you to change your telecommunication provider whilst keeping your existing telephone number(s).

Why should you port your number ?

By porting your numbers across to us, you stand to save money on line rental, calls and gain a host of new Internet VoIP telephony features as well. We are normally able to port your numbers locally and nationally throughout the UK, as well as internationally.

How does number porting work ?

It’s usually straightforward process.You need to do is fill out a small form detailing the numbers that you wish to port – including information like your current provider and installation address – we then use this information to bring your numbers across to us and add them to our VoIP services. The duration of porting numbers can vary depending on telecommunication provider , but usually a single number can be ported in around 7-10 days.

Typical Scenarios where number porting is invaluable :

Your business is moving premises and the new office space is in a different telephone area code.

By porting your number to VoIP, you can :

  • Save money on reprinting costs for stationary and informing your customers of the change of phone number
  • You move from a single number which can normally only handle one call, to a VoIP system that allows you to have multiple calls on a single phone number.